We will continue to create innovative products that predict our customers’ needs. To achieve this goal, each member of Daikyo works with passion and attention to every detail in all processes from development to shipment. In cooperation with our partners worldwide, we will continue to deliver the level of quality that Daikyo represents on a global scale.


Supporting the pharmaceutical industry and human life through uncompromising, high-quality manufacturing

By continuing to create ideal products, we will contribute to our customers and make them happy. To this end, we are committed to the highest standards for our equipment and quality assurance.


Our customers receive pinnacle of quality achieved by commitment of our teams, manufacturing and R&D expertise and innovation

We make the impossible possible. Our high-quality products are born from DAIKYO employees’ passion as they think outside the box to create innovative, remarkable products.


Trusted by the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies for our outstanding track record

Our high-quality products, created in the spirit of taking on new challenges,
continue to be chosen by pharmaceutical companies in Japan and overseas.
And through our partnership with West we are expanding our network around the world.

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